If you are looking for help in keeping your patio looking beautiful, you have found the right company. SPCS Limited patio cleaning Glasgow services always provide the three things our customers are looking for, good service, quality of workmanship and value for money.

When it comes to cleaning a patio, the approach needs to be more considered and subtle than just 'blasting away' with a powerful pressure washer. Without due consideration to the type and nature of the material the patio has been laid in, a lot of unnecessary damage can be caused.

Dependent on the type and age of the pointing material used, pointing can be easily irrevocably damaged by overly aggressive jet washing. The very nature of many patio slabs and materials laid also makes many patios relatively fragile and prone to premature ageing. If not maintained responsibly, paving can easily suffer from loss of colour, or damage to the protective 'skin' of the slab if cleaned too aggressively.

At SPCS Limited you are in safe hands. Our patio cleaning Glasgow services are only undertaken once a comprehensive survey has been carried out. During the process of the survey, we will identify the type of stone that has been laid and schedule a plan of works to be carried out, without risk of damage to the patio or pointing.


SPCS Limited is a company built on experience, this is one of the reasons why on most patio cleaning projects, we put the reliance on the use of professional cleaning materials, not just powerful pressure washing. If you would like to discuss how our range of patio cleaning Glasgow services could benefit you, please get in touch by phone on 07809 418879 or via the online contact form our website.