Decking cleaning and oiling in Glasgow is one of our specialist services and we have many satisfied customers who provide us with recommendations for a continuous flow of work. Our decking cleaning service covers both softwood and hardwood decking and is available in Glasgow and all towns nearby such as Coatbridge, Hamilton, Cumbernauld, Motherwell, Giffnock and Newton Mearns.

The damp climate in Scotland means decking is not the most suitable external surface for a garden feature as it can quickly get slippery if algae are allowed to grow on it. Furthermore, many homeowners have been 'sold' on the idea of having decking installed by the popular garden makeover shows seen regularly on TV. Whereas decking can look fantastic when first installed, it can quickly look grubby and dirty if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Damaging UV rays from direct sunlight can also result in loss of the original colour over time and damp shaded areas can see the spread of slippery green algae and moss. If the decking is not cleaned and looked after it can become very slippery and possibly dangerous to walk on when wet.

We can make old decking in Glasgow look like new with our professional decking restoration service. We use specially designed rotary headed pressure washing equipment to ensure the decking is cleaned without leaving any marks on the surface. After we have cleaned the decking we always recommend having a protective decking oil applied. The decking oil will restore the lustre of the wood and help protect it from colour loss due to exposure to UV light. We advise having the decking cleaned and oiled at least every two years to keep it in optimum condition. We use a clear Liberon decking oil supplied by Smartseal which can keep the decking looking great at all times.

Prior to cleaning, we may treat the decking with a moss or algae remover to ensure any moss or algae spores are killed off. Once the decking has been completely cleaned, we would advise having the wood re-oiled if it has lost colour from exposure to sunlight over time. Having the decking re-oiled will also keep the wood protected from deterioration.


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